Open Meeting: Grasshopper, 27th January at 19:30

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The next Transition BH meeting will be at the Grasshopper pub, Parkstone, on 27th January at 19:30

This is an open meeting for anyone, and will be an “open space” style event with us dividing into sub groups, each discussing a different theme.

Some ideas have already been put forward, but dont let that stifle debate – if you have a topic that you feel should be discussed then please bring it along. If you are an expert then be prepared to facilitate that group, or if not an expert, please suggest a topic and an expert may step forwards.

The benefit of “open space” is that you are free to move off into another group as the mood takes you. One of the great things about transition and permaculture is that it both encourage and support exploration and empowerment. It is worth remembering that we are still in the process of forming, so opportunites to meet informally are important.

They allow us to get to know each other, and explore what transition means to us individually and as a group, before looking at the formal stuff like aims and objectives and where focus should lie. That doesn’t mean we can’t get on with stuff in the meantime though – and these meetings also allow for people to lay foundations and start new projects or support existing work. If we wait for official training and or others to take resonsibility then the planet is sunk. To paraphrase Bill, “I can’t save the world on my own,

it’ll take at least three of us.”

Ideas for subgroup topics include:

  • I’m new to all this, what’s it all about?
  • How can we produce more local food and fuel?
  • Anyone up for organizing “A Party not a Protest” during the Big Green Fortnight in May?
  • How can we raise awareness about Transition in our various local communities?
  • What comprises “a community” in the context of a sprawling conurbation?
  • What is Permaculture and how does it relate to Transition?
  • What happened at the Dorchester “Sustainable Communities’ Act” public meeting, supported by Transition Town Dorchester, on Friday 16th?

- Gary Finch, Harriet Stuart-Jones

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