Project Meeting: Big Green Fortnight plans, Winton, 8th April 7:30pm

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At 7.30pm on Wednesday 8th April there will be a meeting to help develop the upcoming “Big Green Fortnight” Transition Towns activities. It will be at Janice’s house – 32 Namu Road, Winton, BH9 2QU – and all are welcome.

At the last Open Meeting, what Transition Towns can do for the Big Green Fortnight was discussed, and a stand as part of the event at The Pavilion on the 23rd of May was proposed. People came up with several suggestions for activities and tasks that they would take on:

  1. Re-skilling demos such as knitting/darning, baking, cycle repair, wormeries, food growing etc as a catalyst to draw people to the stand
  2. Possible screening of films such as The Story of Stuff, Genie in the bottle etc;
  3. Displays to sell the concept of transitions such as stills from films, thermal imaging to demonstrate the impact of insulation etc, sea levels to display the impact of climate change, what does the conurbation need in 2026;
  4. Creation of artwork and promotional literature;
  5. Inviting celebrities to be present at the stand;
  6. Making a film of local aspects.

If you like the sound of any of these ideas, and are not yet involved, please to come along and find out where

you can start!

If you are already involved but cannot make it to the meeting, please email Janice to let her know what progress you are making with your aspect of the Open Day. Please make every effort to attend as we need to make sure that plans for the Open Day are progressing. Many thanks!

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