Christchurch: Film 'Earth Whisperers – Papatuanuku' 21st September 7.30pm

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Transition Town Christchurch is delighted to have the opportunity to show the stunning and thought-provoking film

“Earth Whisperers – Papatuanuku” from our sister town – Christchurch, New Zealand.

This spellbinding and challenging film focuses on ten quirky and inspiring New Zealanders, who love, nurture and protect their environment. Shot at breathtaking locations around New Zealand,

these Earth Whisperers save heritage seeds, regenerate forests, harvest and protect wild herbs, leave the car forever to ride a bicycle, and save huge swathes of old forest. This movie combines stunning cinematography with an extraordinary sound track.

The London premiere of “Earth Whisperers – Papatuanuku” takes place on September 18, and the film will be screened at The Studio, the Regent Centre, Christchurch at 7.30pm on September 21st.

Admission will be only £3.

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