UK Energy Research Council warns of Peak Oil

The BBC and the Telegraph are reporting on a new UK report about peak oil:

BBC Quotes: “The 10 largest oil producing fields in the world are all in decline… More than two-thirds of current crude oil production capacity may need to be replaced by 2030, simply to keep production constant… At best, this is likely to prove extremely challenging… the probability and consequences of different outcomes has not been adequately assessed… Despite the evidence, the report notes with some surprise that the UK government rarely mentions the issue in official publications.”

Telegraph: “The concern is that rising oil prices will encourage the rapid development of carbon-intensive alternatives which will make it difficult or impossible to prevent dangerous climate change…. If these problems are ignored and we do not make these changes ahead of time, we are heading for trouble.”

Transition Towns is largely about preparing for life with declining oil supplies, while avoiding responses that will make climate change even worse, so recognition of this

issue in the press is good to see.

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