Clips and reviews of upcoming "Collapse" movie

The New York Times reviewed “Collapse” and the Wall Street Journal interview

ed Mike Ruppert, the subject of the film.

I look forward to the wider distribution here in the UK – it is getting many stellar reviews so I hope it will get nationwide cinema screening here. That

will help with peak oil awareness and preparation a lot, which along with adapting to climate change at a local and community level, is the essence of Transition Towns.

Here are some clips:

Apple Trailer Website

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4

Clip 5

Michael C Ruppert is one of the key people involved in raising awareness of peak oil since 2001. For example, see his excellent ‘From The Wilderness’ interview with Colin Campbell in 2002. Colin is the geologist who coined the term ‘peak oil’ and who inspired Rob Hopkins to start Transition

Towns in 2004.

Similarly, this article by another geologist Dale Allen Pfeiffer, “Eating Fossil Fuels,” that Mr Ruppert published in 2004, echos Rob Hopkin’s comment in a Guardian article about Transition Towns that “British farming has evolved ‘into a system for turning oil into food,’ reliant on the energy-intensive manufacture of synthetic fertiliser, heavy use of oil-based plastics, and centralised just-in-time distribution systems that also guzzle oil.”

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