Transition Together in TBH Area

“Be the change you want to see in the world” {Mahatma Gandhi}.

OK, so it is time for anyone who has been waiting for something practical to do to act.

Members may be aware that we (Julie on our behalf) were successful in bidding to be one of

the locations to roll out the Transition Together initiative, as originated by TT Totnes.

A few of us have been working to localise the handbooks that allow a small group of friends/neighbours/workmates/random souls to come together, explore the issues, and change aspects of our own lives to transition.

At a pace and in a style set by the group of maybe 8 or so households, you come together, using the workbooks, plus Transition films, fellow transitioners and anything else you think of to stimulate discussion, plan, and then act to make transition happen in your immediate surroundings.

The list goes something like
1) Getting started
2) spend less on energy
3) spend less on water
4) spend less, eat well
5) wasting away
6) getting around
7) celebrate

b) to recruit others (maybe people who havent heard of Transition) and form your own group
c) to be prepared to help groups on any of the above topics

It is free to take part. We just need some commitment that your group will give it their best shot.

We hope that you’ll be inspired, make savings, and by the end some participants will be prepared to help promote the scheme to further groups, and support

them in turn.

So if you are

keen, please talk to others, maybe gather a group, and then contact Harriet, Theresa or Andy to let us know when you would like to start.

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