Transition BH Hub AGM

Transition BH Steering Group met for its AGM on Saturday 5 March 2011, 7.30pm:

Present: Harriet Stewart-Jones, Andy Hadley, Theresa McManus, Gwyn Jones, Paul Smart, Julie Smith, Gary Finch, Sue and Ian Challis
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With the aid of flip chart & pens, the group came up with the following highlights of Transition BH
Picnic in the Park
Grooves on the Green
Big Lunches
Big Green Fortnight 2009
10.10.10 Event plus this year’s Cycle
Overhaul of TBH website
Perpetuating the Google Group
Giving presentations & information to local groups
Transition Training
Launch of

Christchurch website
Campaign Involvement
Airshow questionnaires
NOPE Portland Biofuel plant
Alaska Wind Farm
Air Show Symposium
Turner’s Field
Involvement in local consultations
Local Initiatives
Powerdown Study and Discussion Group
Food Co-Op
Herb Group
Green Drinks
Allotments & Community Orchards & Hedgerows
Film Screenings
Dorset Urban Food Project & other local food
Group wide initiative
Launch of Transition Together
Treasurer’s Report
The Steering Group holds funds for Transition Together plus funds for those groups that do not have a bank account. Current holding is £972.69.
Election of Steering Group
The following people were either re-elected or elected onto the steering group:-
• Harriet Stewart-Jones, Gary Finch, Andy Hadley, Jamie Heckert, Gwyn Jones (Transition Poole)
• Theresa McManus (Transition Bournemouth)
• Julie Smith (Transition Christchurch)
Transition Wimborne has temporarily folded, but a place is available on the steering group whenever they become re-established. Additional people can join the steering group during the year, up to a maximum of 12 people. It is desirable to have more representatives from Bournemouth and Christchurch.

Green Unity Fair
There is a proposal for an off-grid day festival at Shelley Park as part of the Big Green Fortnight in June. This will be organised by a third party but they are seeking to use the Transition BH name to access funding and for publicity. Concerns were expressed over

where responsibilities and liabilities lie, and these will be taken forward to a meeting with the organisers. The consensus of the group was that it would be better to defer the event rather than to potentially expose the group to risk.
The Future
It would be good to provide a summary of what Transition BH has done on the website.

Gwyn offered to send out a quarterly newsletter covering events & activities across the group. He will need the email contacts held by the various Transition groups to achieve this. Members of the steering group agreed to provide Gwyn with these. Gwyn will contact steering group members to request their articles for inclusion in the newsletter. The aim for the first newsletter is mid-May, to reach people before the Big Green Fortnight starts.
Anything Else
Paul said he has good contacts with youth groups in Poole and Bournemouth, and is happy to put people in touch with these. He has also had experience in Boscombe of the LETS group and Landshare.

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