Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole

A Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole

1st June The Green House Hotel

A mix of business, academic, public sector, voluntary and environmental folk gathered to be challenged on the topic ‘OUR COMMUNITY – OUR ECONOMY – OUR FUTURE – Som

ething has to change’

The theme was “A Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole”, and this started with a talk by Dr Alan Knight OBE of Southampton University followed by a chance for stimulating, lively discussion for people who live and work in the conurbation.

Dr Knight’s talk was based on this slideset

The challenge laid down by Dr Knight was to identify what is unique and important for Bournemouth and Poole, and how we positively engage business in delivering an agenda which they can sell to shareholders and stakeholders. Campaigning and negativity may get less progress than shining a torch and encouraging businesses towards the light. (I paraphrase, I was late to the meeting)

A Green Economy for Bournemouth and Poole

Transcription of the main points from each table’s discussions

Task :

  • How to get everyone to sign up to the common goal of sustainability
  • If that is satisfied then people will understand resource/energy implications.
  • Benefits to be highlighted rather than the negatives

Table 1:

  • Quality and upgradability of goods – What is the value relative to “Buy and Chuck”
  • Joined up thinking: social, health, safety – public


  • Public debate of the issues
  • Celebrating sustainable practice
  • Consider profit in more than monetary terms – welfare, good health, happiness as well as £, $
  • Valuing mending and re-use
  • Information on opportunities available to buisnesses e.g. car clubs (see near the bottom of our getting around page)

Table 2:

  • What do we need to cheap car insurance start looking at in B&P?
  • Meaningful communication – positive messages – inspiration
    Engaging others with motivation and feelings from the heart
  • Connection with those who can change things
  • What can be done in “local” areas?
  • Focus Attention
  • Find out the options and new practicability
  • What will make you act now?
  • What are you willing to change/do?
  • Make it easy to join in and add to the debate
  • Engaging others/motivate others (and ourselves!)
  • Education – and LEARNING
  • Who participates? How to attract others to participate?
  • Local – regional – national – global

Table 3:

What does B & P do?

  • Education – hospitality – finance – travel
  • Poole – port, import, fish
  • Less travel? Energy reduction? Product design?
  • “Sunlight” !!

Table 4:

  • Bournemouth and Poole competition
  • Models of organisation that work with communities
  • Education, inspiration and Enlightenment – Communicating messages through medium for changing attitudes
  • Green Legislation/ Political pressure

The meeting carried on upstairs in the bar, sampling local beers and further wideranging and lively discussion.

Many thanks for the Green House Hotel for hosting our event, to Harriet for the idea, and to Gwyn and the Association of Sustianability Practitioners for running the event.

Association of Sustianability Practitioners

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