Transition BH Music Evening Jan 2012 Green House Hotel

Sunday 22 Jan 2012
Report from Andy H

Around 40 of us gathered at the Green House Hotel, thanks

to Gwyn for organising the evening, the team at the Green House for hosting us (for free), and most of all, Alex Roberts for entertaining us (also giving his time for free), and then leading us in participative music. You can find Alex music at

Gwyn introduced the session that rather than ‘taking’, we should all be giving of our time, and Alex exemplified this. Alex confessed to be a bit nervous – getting a whole bunch of adults to do participative music, which he normally does for free.

He threw into the introductions to songs time he spent in India, studying music, nearly a year spent in a tipi on a farmers campsite on the Purbecks, working the land and composing music, but he seems to have drawn inspiration from

a wide variety of musical traditions and cultures from across the world.

After a brief set, including a poem set to music and played on his wedding present (a bouzouki brought back from Athens), and a tune on a steel hawiian guitar made in Christchurch, we were all led in deep breathing, making shared vocalisations that north american Indian tribes might use to make sound together. And then drumming.

An entertaining and sociable evening for folk involved in Transition from across the BH area.

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