Transition BH Hub AGM March 2012

The AGM was held on 12th MArch. Notes are available here:

Present: Harriet, Gary, Andy, Cherry, Michael, Kim, Gwyn, Theresa, Julie
Guest: Sam, Green Unity Fairs

Minutes from previous AGM are available on the archive on the TBH website.

<strong>Group Updates</strong>
Christchurch is continuing to hold monthly meetings, attendance is improving again after going through a lull. Has own website. Change in the planning group, the group is now being steered by Elliot and Anne, with around 7-8 people attending the last planning meeting. Not sure who is representing the group now on the CCP High Quality Environment Group.

Bournemouth has a core group and new Chair. The group hopes now to move towards more awareness raising, film showings and programme running. However, they have got the Schools Programme running, involving 4 local schools in environmental workshops – Gwyn mentioned the Bourne Academy would like to be involved also. Community garden at Ensbury Park is being established. Participating in Bournemouth 2026. Links also forged with fair trade campaign. Bournemouth Council wish to work more closely with the group. Successful funding bids have facilitated a lot of activity. Meetings are going to be 3rd Wed of the month at Bourne Spring Centre. Green Drinks continue to be successful, providing an opportunity for informal socialising, and Kim is working on getting Green Teas up and running too for those wanting a daytime meet-up.

Poole has been successfully involved with Turners Field community project. Poole Tidal Energy Partnership got LEAF funding. Bring and Take day is being considered. Regular monthly meet-ups are generally well attended. Good contacts with the Council. Gwyn is helping the council to organise a State of the Environment Day on 12 April to form a local food and packaging policy. Lush are very keen to be involved with Transition after successful collaboration building their straw bale cold store unit. Nothing yet heard on funding bid re apple press.

<strong>Green Community Fairs & Transition</strong>
Sam from Green Community Fairs spoke about how the two complement each other in raising awareness locally. Sam needs more help from volunteers to deliver aspects of events, from planning to on the day. She also needs help with contacts that anyone has with local Councils so that she can explore more possibilities for local events. She is careful how she uses the Transition BH name. Next events are 13/14 April at Moors Valley Park, with a planning meeting being held on 2 April 1200 at Bourne Spring Centre. On 3 & 4 June at Poole Park. There is the option in future for Sam to run events in different areas in co-operation with the local transition group in that area, it is a flexible tool. The consensus was that currently both sides are very happy with the working arrangement, although the steering group need to channel volunteers Sam’s way. Gwyn and Sam will draw up a one page Working Agreement, just to define our working parameters.

<strong>Treasurer’s Report</strong>
Currently £746.91 in the bank, split between the different groups, including Wimborne.

<strong>Core Steering Group</strong>
Maximum of 12 people can be on the steering group. Everyone was happy to remain on the steering group, it was agreed that the opportunity to

sit on the group be made frequently, and members would be happy to stand down to give others the opportunity as and when demand arose.

The Google Group can be subject to abuse, after some discussion it was agreed that monitoring any situations as they arise, and from time to time issuing guidance on “netiquette” would be desirable. Retaining the Google Group facility still believed worthwhile. Bournemouth will look at their home webpage so that people can more easily get in touch.

Gwyn is aiming to issue the newsletter monthly, at start of the month, please contact him with items for inclusion at least the week before. The different groups need to contact him to add new contacts to his database.

It is worth remembering that the Hub is now a member of CVS, opening up avenues for volunteers and training and possibly help with accessing funding.

<strong>Future Initiatives & Dates for Diaries</strong>
It would be really desirable to have a few more events, like the music event, which could perhaps make use of the Green Hotel. A swishing evening/fashion event or craft event was discussed. Sam suggested a Green Community Xmas Fair would be do-able. Another Transition picnic was agreed for the summer, at Parkstone

green possibly involving a game of boules. Gwyn will check out dates.

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