Transition BH Hub Steering Group meeting October 2012

Transition BH Steering Group 15 October 2012
Gwyn's House

Harriet, Cherry, Gwyn, Andy – Poole
Kim, Theresa, Mike, Sarah – Bournemouth
Elliot – Christchurch
Apologies from Jamie and Gary

Ping – E

Local nature partnership
TBH Website
Transition message – Market penetration

One of small no 70 of thousands that got through £350 grant. Constitution doesn't mention sporting activity.
All agreed that it is an imposition to add mention, our aims shouldn't include a catchall, but that we wouldn't want to jeopardise the work, or the opportunity to support the Ping initiative. Accepted unanimously by those present.
Harriet to redraft, and send to Elliot and Andy
Andy to put revised version on Website

Total balance £2,515
Including £1,268 from Lushfest
Prospects for next year – fiancially, time, publicity
Local Green team – not currently meeting
Lush Fest Expenses – John Gillingham £250 (2 days in the rain) & Will c £100 (1 day)

Apple Press £590 (£150 of which was BoP funding).
Generally no apples about at the moment.
Apple Expert – Downton – Gary knows
Grapes – Arts University college of Bournemouth
Wait for Green Goals decision, otherwise fund from our monies otherwise. Agreed

Display boards – problem of storage when not in use. Using DEAC boards, projector and screen.

Leaflets – colour, generic
 themed
 professionally designed – Indra did them originally
Double sided printing
200 £103
500 £125
Harriet to approach Indra
Andy to circulate themed leaflet
Printed seed packets ?
Agreed in principle
Leaflet holders – better made ? – Card, clear perspex
Good to get someone to make some, otherwise buy.
Gwyn to advertise in group

Ecohomes – Dorchester 7 homes

(250 visitors)
 5 weeks effort to organise
 aim for match funding 2013
 link to Architectural heritage event – beginning of Sep
 ? conurbation wide
 link to Covenant of Mayors declaration
 New Forest event 20/21 October
Action : Theresa to investigate

Cross conurbation events
Green Drinks Festive meal : Thurs 13th Zuccinis
Green House Hotel – would be happy to host us again

did do Picnic in Poole
Music evening

Harriet, Theresa, Andy current signatories
Harriet away December to March
Adding Gwyn as a signatory Agreed
Harriet to leave them with Gwyn

Events – keeping them on the list
Cherry, potentially Elliot, Gwyn, Mike, Sarah Andy to sort

6 a year – every 2 months
beginning December, Feb,

Green Drinks – fairly successful. Green Teas – difficult to get traction.

Elliot – Christchurch report
Over last year. With Ann and Rich (does website) – promotion, monthly

newsletter, events, issues etc. Doing an event every month, very conservative place, down to 3 people to do.
Response to core strategy – 10 pages
Aiming to raise awareness. Goes to 150 people.
Wiltshire and Navitas windfarms.

March report TT Christchurch
 BH Hub website. Take Druit Hall sentence off. Andy to sort

Slades Farm
Part of fair buy viagra no prescription trade bournemouth
Working with Schools – Georgie Lamb, waste, Trisha Zimmerman – Ecoschools
workshops. Green Goals paying for workshops
AGM on Thursday
Turners Nursery
Poole Tidal Energy
Food Co-op
Covenant of Mayors

Navitas Windfarm
FoE conference Bournemouth University 30th October
David Weight article DECC response – Theresa to forward
Wiltshire – general motion not to have windfarms, can respond from outside the county.

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