Community Apple Pressing, Poole High Street

Good fun was had by all at Transition Town Poole’s first Community Apple Pressing Event in Poole High Street outside No 34 cafe. The juice was delicious – as promised – and over 200 pounds of local apples were chopped, crushed and juiced by young and old. Lots of passing shoppers stopped to look, and join in, and taste the juice – even though it was a bit browner and cloudier than they were used to! Well done to Fizz and Cherry for organising and thanks to No 34 Cafe for use of their facilities.

This was an Abundance project event. Abundance aims to make links between people with surplus fruit and people who need fruit so there’s less wastage at harvest time. If you know someone with fruit going spare or someone who can use it and/or you have time to help out with picking or transporting please get in touch with Cherry via orĀ 01202 573081.

AppleDayWashingFirst the apples were washed, then quartered and bad bits removed.

AppleDayScrattingThe young skateboarders enjoyed scratting the apples – crushing into a pulp.

AppleDayJuiceThe juice flows from the press.

AppleDayGeneralLots of passers-by stopped to see what was happening and sample the juice.

AppleDayFizzFizz chopping early in the day, before it all got messy!

AppleDayChoppingGreat to see children joining in with it all.

AppleDay3James turns the press while Andy catches the juice.


Andrew feeds the pulp into the press. The leftovers (pomace) went to feed the pigs at Kate’s dad’s farm.AppleDay4No 34 cafe were welcoming and provided tea and snacks.

AppleDayAll in all – a successful event.


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