Transition BH Hub AGM 2015

Transition BH Hub held its AGM on Thursday 18th June at Kino Lounge, Bournemouth. Brief notes on what occurred are posted here:

Transition BH Hub is an enabling organization, supporting Transition projects throughout the Bournemouth/Poole/Christchurch area (BH postcode). We can help people wanting to set up projects with a Transition ethos by providing access to networks, Public Liability Insurance, bank account, and publicity channels. Because we have been working in this area for 7 years we have built up good relations with many people in a range of public,  private, and third sector/community organizations.

Transition Bournemouth

Meets 3rd Wed monthly at Kino Lounge in the winter and Boscombe Chine Gardens (Ed Shed) in summer. A screening of the film “Voices of Transition” was held During Climate Week. New leaflet designed and printed.

Slades Farm Community Garden – developing well. Major projects this year have been the construction and filling of the pond and the installation of the tool storage shed. Fun Day was held in July. Green Play (a 2 hour session for childminders and their children) is really successful. Good relationship with the university, with regular volunteering sessions for students. Stats for 2014: 55 sessions, 149 active volunteers, 1049 volunteer hours

Bournemouth Fair Trade – FT status recently renewed.

Energy Monitor Loan scheme – should be up and running in the next couple of months.

Repair Café – First session was a great success with 16 people turning up with various skills on offer. The café runs in partnership with the Bournemouth Council Waste and Recycling Department.

Transition Town Christchurch

Ping! responsibility for this weekly ping pong club has now been taken by a local club. The Transition Town Christchurch website is kept up to date.

Transition Town Poole

• Abundance – Grant funding from JP Morgan meant we could buy an electric scratter and pasteuriser. About 400lb of apples were pressed at the annual Apple Pressing Day in Poole High Street despite a poor harvest. The 2015 Apple Pressing Event is booked for 10th October and will be outside Wesleys Café in The Spire methodist church on the High Street. The press was also taken to three schools, involving 180 children in pressing fruit juice.

Turner’s Nursery Community Orchard – Continues to thrive. Funding from the Borough of Poole enabled us to buy a petrol mower which means we no longer need to rely on the Council contractors. Thirty-two fruit trees have been planted and the native species hedgerows are doing well. This year we have planted pumpkins for our popular neighbourhood pumpkin soup day in November. Regular family-friendly work days are held on the first Saturday of each month.

• Poole Fair Trade campaign – We’re nearly there, with all criteria met to put in the application to receive Fair Trade Town status. The RNLI has agreed to be our flagship employer and a big Fair Trade dinner is planned for the autumn. FT stalls have been set up throughout the year at schools and community events. An interactive website is being constructed with the help of students from Poole Grammar School.

• Food Coop – Continues to operate well. Works on trust with 14 families ordering ethical, good-quality food and ecological household goods in bulk from Essential Coop about every 6 weeks. Total about £4000 a year. Cost neutral.

Green Drinks

Although it’s not strictly a Transition project, Green Drinks is closely allied with the organisation and many Transitioners meet up there for a drink and a chat. The Green Drinkers meet monthly at Chaplins/Cellar Bar, Boscombe; the Goat and Tricycle, Bournemouth; and the Angel, Poole on the second Thursday of each month. Kim coordinates and publicises. Big Green Quizzes are popular.

Other events

25th June – stall at first Sustainable Poole Day

27th June – Winton Carnival Green Parade

12th July – stall at Slades Fun Day

16th July – B’mouth Uni Festival of Learning event with Rob Hopkin’s 30 minute video.

Steering Group

Elliot has stepped down. Fizz joined. Current members: Kim Boughey, Theresa McManus, Mike Hodges, Gary Finch, Gwyn Jones, Cherry White, Harriet Stewart-Jones, Andy Hadley, Felicity Rice.


The Treasurer reported that we have £2351.58 in the bank account. Most of that is earmarked for local groups etc. but £656.87 is not ringfenced. We need £265 annually for Public Liability Insurance.

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