Fizz Bikes are here

One of the local projects Transition BH Hub is supporting this month is an exciting new transport initiative called FIZZ BIKES. It aims to get 10% of commuters in Bournemouth and Poole out of their cars and onto bikes (electric or pedal). This would generate a significant critical mass of cyclists, leading to a huge incentive for better cycle infrastructure as well as improvements in health and air quality.

A six-month pilot project has started. Four electric (pedal assist) bikes have been given to four lucky members of staff at a large organization in Poole. Their use of the bikes will be monitored by the “BetterPoints” mobile phone-based app, giving all the data anyone needs to evaluate the project.

Next a leasing platform will be set up in the form of a social enterprise, scaling up the number of bikes available. For more information contact Felicity Rice at

Incidentally, I had a go on one of the bikes – an amazing experience! It takes all – well most of – the hard work out of cycling! Wheeeeeee!
Fizz tests one of the pedal-assist bikes donated by FreeGo

Gwyn discusses the range of bikes with FreeGo reps while Fizz outlines the scheme to the Mayor.

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