Poole Community Apple Pressing Day 2016

Transition Poole staged their 4th Apple pressing event on Poole High Street on Saturday 8th October, and had an appreciative response from members of the public passing by.


This year, we estimate that we collected approximately 600 lb of apples, surplus to their owners needs, and generously donated to us to turn into juice or to make available for people to take away and eat or cook. We pressed a huge amount and still have plenty to go towards a pressing at one of our local schools.
It was lovely to see so many people and the ‘core’ Abundance team would like to thank everyone for their very welcome participation and sterling efforts, especially those at preparation table, and to Andrew for the setting up and fixing of the equipment.  The great thing about Abundance is that everyone finds their own way to be involved and join in and can take part in any of the activities, and share our enthusiasm for what we are doing.


So a big thank you to everyone and to our kind donors of fruit.  Together we are helping to keep our food truly local and sustainable.
 AppleDay20163 DSCF6249 DSCF6272 AppleDay20162
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