Transition BH Hub AGM minutes 2017

25 July 2017 at Theresa’s House

Present: Cherry, Fizz, Gwyn, Harriet, Jennie, Kim, Pete, Theresa

Apologies: Andy, Gary, Mike

Guests: Soo, Andrew

We started off with an overview of activities in the past year.

Transition Bournemouth

Meets monthly. Good level of support. Kim reported on current projects:

• Slades Farm Community Garden – lots of volunteers, pond got finished, and espalier trees around veg patch. Successful review meeting was held to plan future activities and responsibilities. Small amount of vandalism. Funding received from Sustain and Green Goals. Green Play continues for pre-school children. Slades Fest was lovely weather but we needed to do more to entice people over to the community garden area.

• Count on Me – led by Angela Fendley continues to show how individuals can save personal CO2 emissions. Bournemouth now saves over 500,000 kg CO2 on the Count on Me counter.

Repair Café – led by Kim along with Sarah Speakman-Jones of the Bournemouth Council Waste and Recycling Department. Three held last year and 2 so far this year with others planned. Looking for the perfect location – ideally a permanent venue with café. Collaboration with Give or Take Days, Scrapstore and Win on Waste – as at West Howe event – brings more people in. More fixers always welcome.

Energy Monitor Loan scheme – Monitors are loaned out in libraries.

Future Plans:

  • Film screenings in conjunction with Arts by the Sea in October
  • Support for Boscombe Community Fridge scheme
  • Collaboration with Bournemouth Positive Money group
  • Food coop – bulk-buying group for ethical purchases

Transition Town Poole

• Abundance – Cherry writes: “Another successful Apple Pressing Day was held on Poole High Street on Sat 8th Oct. Well supported by the public and transitioners. Leftover fruit was pressed at Lytchett School by Kate and Fizz. Press was later used by Michael French at the Grounded project on the roof of the Sovereign Centre, which attracted the attention of lots of younger people.

Big boost to funds when Al Keddie of Dorset Sunshine Cider hired the fruit mill for crushing tons of apples from a Dorset orchard to make 10,000 litres of commerical cider. A quick sample of last year’s cider was much appreciated too.

Fresh enquiries to hire the press have already come in. The next Poole High Street event will be on Sat 7th or 14th Oct.

The fee from Dorset Sunshine Cider directly funded the screening licence for the film “Tomorrow” at Hamworthy, which attracted new people to Transition.

The press may need a bit of maintenance this year.”

In addition, the press was used for a lovely event in Poole Town Community Garden at the end of Sept.

Turner’s Nursery Community Orchard – We still have a regular band of adults and children on our first Saturday workdays. A lot of support from the residents round about. “Turner’s Times” goes out to 500 local homes at least once a year. Open Day with tea and cakes was held in June. The pond was dug out by the Council in Nov. Keeping the grass looking cared for continues to be an issue because mowing with a domestic scale mower is very time consuming for volunteers. Other options being investigated.

• Poole Fair Trade campaign – Gwyn reported: A well-attended celebration event was held at the RNLI in February and we have been involved in various events throughout the year. Renewal forms for Poole’s FT status are going in to the FT Foundation this week. Increased collaboration with FT Bournemouth in the future is likely.

• Transition Food Coop – Continues to operate well. About 8 families and orders every 6 weeks. “Several thousand pounds not going to Tesco!” Admin by Gwyn.

Fizz Bikes – Fizz reported. A year in, the scheme has several e-bikes, a website and a new business structure. Bikes can now be leased for £35 a month plus £35 from a sponsor (often the user’s employer). The fee reduces annually and after 3 years the bike belongs to the user. Domiciliary care workers are a target market. Trials with Agincare have been tried. New funding from LUSH will allow the scheme to be offered to students during Freshers Week. The pilot  project at the RNLI was completed and has provided useful data.

Fizz is also engaged in campaigns aiming towards a  better transport infrastructure in the conurbation. Current focus on the proposed A338 flyover and on the setting up of a Forum to bring together people to discuss health, transport and equality. She is also a member of the new Dorset Equality Trust which has plenty of overlap with Transition-type concerns.

Film screenings in July – TTP co-hosted two films in July. The first film “Plastic Ocean” at the RNLI was well-attended with over 130 people. The second film, held in collaboration with Hamworthy Friday Film Club was the more uplifting “Tomorrow (Demain)”. Excellent turnout of about 70, over half of whom were “friends of Transition” – people who are not necessarily active but who are willing to support. It was a lovely, friendly event and we made £143.

Zero-Waste Poole – New project to bring together people and groups interested in reducing waste in Poole. [Added because I forgot to mention]

The Future of the Hub

In general, it has been a productive, successful year for Transition in the BH postcode area. We reflected on what the Hub has achieved since we first met as a group in 2008, including fun events, bringing people together, collaboration with local councils, the setting up of all the local groups, supporting projects and networks. The proposal is that we now draw a line under this and dissolve the Hub, allowing us to concentrate on the local groups in Bournemouth and Poole. This was agreed.

The Bournemouth and Poole groups will continue to work together closely and collaborate on combined events. Resources can be shared. Occasional newsletters from the combined groups could be sent out when needed.

Practical steps were then discussed.

  • Website – to be discontinued. Harriet will contact Dave Crossland, who still pays for it. Data to be scraped off and archived in some form.
  • Googlegroup – to be closed down with some kind of farewell posting. Addresses to be exported and added to mailing list.
  • Newsletter mailing list – Gwyn to export addresses.
  • Insurance – will end at end of September.
  • Facebook group – retain for the moment as an informal place where items relevant to the BH postcode can be posted and discussed. Perhaps rename?
  • Bank account balance £2230.45 – funds to be dispersed to the projects:

TT Poole                                                       £51.51

Turner’s Nursery                                       £1046.68

TT Bournemouth                                          £51.39

Abundance                                                   £52.00

Poole Fair Trade                                         £842.32

There is also £150 earmarked for Transition Town Wimborne. It was decided that this (and any other cash held by Angie Corbett) should be donated to Wimborne Win on Waste group.

When the funds are dispersed it will leave £36.55 in the account which can go towards costs of the annual event.

Proposed Annual Event

We’ll aim for a joint annual celebratory social summer Transition event. Possible venues Slades, Turners or Branksome Dene community room. We will get together in March 2018 to plan.


Kim reminded us that the new Sustainable Dorset is a great resource.

She also pointed out that changes in the Data Protection regulations coming into force in May 2018 will affect our legal obligations with regard to storing and using personal data such as email addresses.

Theresa pointed out that a group constitution needs to be robust enough to deal with (albeit rare) circumstances where conflict arises.


This has been an extraordinarily supportive and reliable group for 9 years that has produced extraordinary results that we can be proud of. Part of Rob Hopkin’s original 12-step Transition model was to design the demise of the group from the outset. I’d like to feel we’ve fulfilled that! Thank you so much for your companionship on the journey.

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