Events Calendar

Dorset Agenda 21 operates a “Sustainable Events” calendar, containing a variety of local activities that includes the county’s Transition Town events:

How to organise events

Transition activities can be organised by anyone, and you may find this tip on how to fix meeting times via email useful if you do:

  • Select a list of five or more different possible dates in several different weeks.
  • Send this list to everyone, and ask them to answer, for each date, whether this date is good, acceptable or bad for them.
  • Collect the answers, and select the date best for most people. If no date is possible, try again with a new list of dates.”

The Meetomatic and MeetWithApproval websites helps to organise events in this way. You just put in a meeting title and your email, and click the dates you want to suggest, then click “book now”. You will be given two web addresses: one for members to select dates, and one to see the results. Then post an email to our discussion forum with the date selection address, and you remind yourself to check back at the results address in a few days.

Events that are posted to our discussion group are added to the above calendar.

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