Transition Together

Transition together logoThe Transition Together project forms small, social groups of friends, neighbours and colleagues and then supports them in taking a number of effective, practical, money-saving and carbon-reducing steps.

A workbook helps each household to build their own Practical Action Plan that improves household energy efficiency, minimises water use, reduces waste (and consumption), explores local transport options and promotes the great value, healthy food available locally. It also helps everyone to understand what’s behind the rising energy prices and climate change, and what this means for them, their family and their local community.

The following are links, ideas and updates to supplement the content of the Transition Together folder

The project started in Totnes, and the Transition BH area is one of 10 other areas that have been selected to roll out the Transition Together initiative.

Several groups are now underway in the BH area.

If you would like to form a small group, or take part in one, we’d be very keen to hear from you. Please contact if you want to get involved.

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