getting around

The idea for each topic in Transition Together is that the group works through considering how they can help/compete/support each other to make simple changes that will save them money, and reduce CO2, and to explore how this affects the community and the planet.

This section of the workbook, on transport, covers the following topics;

  1. fuel efficient driving
  2. get on your bike
  3. walk this way
  4. take buses and trains
  5. to fly or not to fly
  6. use car clubs
  7. try lift sharing
  8. holiday in the UK
  9. other ideas the group want to discuss

We’d welcome ideas for online resources┬áthat the group may find helpful to supplement the folders, or where you know of great resources, please let us know at

Fuel efficient driving

Cycling routes, training and adviceRecumbant bike

Walk this way

take buses and trains

To fly or not to fly

Car Clubs

Rather than owning, taxing, repairing and fuelling that second car

Car Sharing

Holidaying in the UK – there is so much variety

Let us know of any good links you find (or if any of the above ar broken or no good !)

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