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The idea for each topic in Transition Together is that the group works through considering how they can help/compete/support each other to make simple changes that will save them money, and reduce CO2, and to explore how this affects the community and the planet.

This section of the workbook covers the following topics;

  1. buy local, seasonal food
  2. reduce food packaging
  3. minimise food waste
  4. why try organic ?
  5. grow your own
  6. eat less meat
  7. other ideas the group want to discuss

We’d welcome ideas for online resources¬†that the group may find helpful to supplement the folders, or where you know of great resources, please let us know at together@transitionbh.org

Check out what foods are in season and how to eat them at www.eattheseasons.co.uk and http://eatseasonably.co.uk

Buy local. There are lots of good local food shops in the area Рfind and support those local to you.  There is an interactive map on www.freerangereview.com with links and reviews to lots of local food outlets, including those delivering local food boxes

  • www.riverford.co.uk
  • www.sunnyfields.co.uk
  • www.abelandcole.co.uk

For growing your own, check the Royal Horticultural Society advice and Garden Organic . Both sites also include advice on composting kitchen and garden waste, a valuable resource to feed your plants, and retain moisture in the soil.

Reducing packaging www.recyclenow.com and www.wrap.org.uk or make a mors bag to carry the shopping (Transition BH get together to make some occasionally)

Ideas for reducing food waste www.lovefoodhatewaste.com

Trying Organic food www.soilassociation.org

Growing food (if you have no land of your own try www.landshare.net or get an allotment (good luck, may be in for a long wait !), or get involved in a community garden – eg in Oakdale, Poole tatnampatch.org.uk

And if you have a garden, patio or just a windowbox, grow some salads or herbs.

Reduce your meat intake. www.vegsoc.org.uk and www.parttimecarnivore.org

Let us know of any good links you find (or if any of the above ar broken or no good !)

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