Spend Less on Energy

The idea for each topic in Transition Together is that the group works through considering how they can help/compete/support each other to make simple changes that will save them money, and reduce CO2, and to explore how this affects the community and the planet.

This section of the workbook covers the following topics;

  1. Knowing how much energy you are using
  2. Being a real turn-off
  3. Seeing the light
  4. Controlling your heat
  5. Lagging
  6. Draught Proofing
  7. Loft Insulation
  8. Cavity Wall Insulation
  9. other ideas the group want to discuss

We’d welcome ideas for online resources┬áthat the group may find helpful to supplement the folders, or where you know of great resources, please let us know at together@transitionbh.org

The following two sites are packed with advice, grant opportunities and other information.

www.DEAC.co.uk (Dorset energy Advice Centre) is an independant advice centre, based in Parkstone, who can give impartial advice. 0800 975 0166

The Energy Savings Trust www.energysavingtrust.org.uk is a national body doing similar work. 0800 512 012

Green Energy Suppliers can be compared at www.greenelectricity.org or see our summary at http://transitionpoole.org.uk/?page_id=311

For tracking energy usage, there are a number of websites. We’ve a group in Poole comparing usage, which may be helpful to compare progress as you make changes. http://transitionpoole.org.uk/?page_id=268 This uses www.imeasure.org.uk and you’d be welcome to join our carbon club, or create your own !

An interesting perspective on the importance of reviewing waste, and minimising energy use in a commercial business is given by Riverford Organics at http://www.riverfordenvironment.co.uk They are committed to looking closely at and improving their environmental footprint, but concentrating first on efficiency and reducing demand before worrying about specifically generating “green” energy.

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